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Belt Holster SAFARILAND® 7377 Glock 17, 22 Black

149.95 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery


Belt Holster SAFARILAND® 7377 VP9/SFP9 Black

Made from the novel SafariSeven ™ patented hard nylon material from DuPont®.

7TS ™ Belt Holster is equipped with Automatic Locking System (ALS®), which unlocks with the thumb. The release lever sits at the top of the holster body. After only a short time to get used to it, the security system can be mastered.

  • The Safariland® 7TS ™ Holster models are made from the extremely durable and durable SafariSeven ™, a brand new, hard-wearing DuPont® nylon material.
  • these holsters are virtually insensitive to weather conditions.
  • SafariSeven ™ is very resistant to heat or cold
  • the material practically never needs to be maintained to maintain its appearance and functionality
  • Holster is manufactured using a precision injection molding process and are extremely light
  • The patented hard nylon material does not attack the surface of weapons during the drawing process
  • The elevations made on the inside of the holster Provide the weapon in the holster "Air"
  • Dirt and water have less contact with the weapon
  • Very high tolerance limit for heat (+ 150 ° C)
  • Very high tolerance limit for cold (-45 ° C) The holster can be submerged indefinitely without losing functionality or shape The matte finish reduces reflections and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Weight: about 172 g Material: polymer plastic

Belt loop adjustable from 38 - 58 mm width Version 1

The interchangeable bridge in version 1 can be adjusted from 38 mm to 45 mm, 50 mm or 58 mm, remove the corresponding intermediate bridges.

Once expanded, the belt passage cannot be reduced again!!