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Helikon Tex UTS® Urban Tactical Shorts® 11'' Jeans

47.90 €

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UTS® Urban Tactical Shorts® 11'' - Denim Stretch - Marine Blue

The cut and pocket layout allows them to remain civil enough not to reveal the wearer's identity, while still allowing full tactical gear carry. Elastic belt with Velcro allows for some adjustment within size. Large belt loops allow for wide belts such as EDC, UTL® or Cobra®. In addition, the cut (stolen from all blue jeans to choose from) prevents the shorts from being lost when worn. Proper pocket placement allows gear to be placed close to the center of gravity, around the hips and waist. The front and back pocket edges are reinforced to withstand the constant movement of light or knife clips. Two Velcro front pockets are large enough to carry a smartphone or even an AR/AK rifle magazine. Zippered thigh pockets look flat - but their design allows for convenient carrying of pouches or wallets. A wide range of colors allows shorts to be matched with the rest of the wardrobe or working conditions.


  • Elastic waistband with Velcro
  • 50 mm wide belt loops
  • Two key loops, D-ring or carabiner compatible
  • The classic jeans neck shape prevents it from slipping down
  • Two classic front pockets with reinforced edges for gear clips
  • Two wide back pockets
  • Two narrow back pockets in the back pockets. (depth adjustable)
  • Two thigh pockets with YKK® Back
  • Two flap pockets with Velcro on front for smartphone or AR magazine
  • Inside leg length: 11"
  • YKK® zipper
  • Material: 76% cotton, 22% polyester, 2% elastane