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Recover Tactical P-IX Modular AR PLUS *NEW*

389.00 €
incl. VAT, plus delivery


P-IX PLUS includes several upgrades over the original P-IX including: reinforced top rail, improved pistol mount, pistol grip with integrated magazine holder and a new buffer tube (with standard version). Turn your pistol into an AR platform with P-IX PLUS. Compatible with modular AR accessories including pistol grips, buffer tubes, stocks, flip up sight. Stock for Glock 17 in AR Platform.

Turn your Glock pistol into an AR platform with the Recover Tactical P-IX Plus.


  • AR ergonomics
  • Quick and easy gun installation
  • Uses standard AR accessories
  • Compatible with multiple Glock models
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • Optional collapsible butt stock
  • Manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polymer

Suitable for: Glock Gen 3/4/5 : 17/ 19/ 22/ 23/ 31/ 32/ 34/ 35

P-IX is not compatible with ported slides (a.k.a. compensated slides, ported barrels). Included in


  • P-IX AR,
  • Rear sight and front sight
  • Stock with Mil-Spec
  • Grip at the front

Optics, Silencer and Magazines in the pictures are small scope of delivery!