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Wiley X Woman COVERT CAPTIVATE™ Polarisierend Bronze

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Wiley X Woman COVERT CAPTIVATE™ Polarisierend Bronze

WX COVERT is the combination of fashion and functionality gives you an attractive look for every occasion. In addition to the trendy design, it is equipped with side protection that can be easily added or removed, as well as rubber nose pads that further emphasize the overall functionality and comfort of the model. The stylish frame, keyhole nose bridge, temples with non-slip grooves and rounded lenses make the WX COVERT the ideal sunglass for those who want to make an impression.

LENS: CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror

Due to the intensity of the wavelengths, these glasses cause the colors to be evenly distributed, thus improving contrast and performance. At the same time, the blue light (HEV) is reduced in order to achieve higher saturation of the colors in the red, yellow and green range. They emphasize yellow hues and reduce glare from reflective surfaces.


- Bright sun / changing light conditions

- Cloudy/overcast days

- Activities in a yellowish environment, e.g. B. Hiking or a trip to the beach

- Normal daylight driving

- Fishing in shallow water

HIGHLIGHTS: Goggle strap, detachable side shields, extra side shields for permanent installation, rubber nose pads, temples with non-slip grooves


  • 100% UVA/UVB protection Protect
  • Blue Light (HEV).
  • Glass base color: copper
  • Head sizeM-L Frame
  • color matt transparent brown
  • FIT Medium-wrap: 6 base curve slightly curved frame
  • EU standard EN.166 (F)
  • US standard ANSI Z87.1