Nitecore LR50 Camp Bench Camping Lamp

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Nitecore LR50 Camp Bench Camping LogoLamp


The Nitecore LR50 Campbank is a camping light, a power bank and a battery charger all in one. The 9 CRI LED`s provide a maximum of 250 lumens and can be set in 4 directions, so the light is always there where it is needed and the energy consumption is reduced. The batteries in the LR50 can be charged via a micro-USB port and can then be used, for example. be used as a power bank for traveling. The LR50 has a magnetic base and a mounting bracket for mounting.

Performance and burning time

(2x 18650 with 3500mAh)

  • High (250 lumens) for about 10 hours
  • Mid (65 lumens) for about 22 hours
  • Low (6 lumens) for approximately 100 hours
  • SOS (250 lumens)
  • flashing light (250 lumens) Includes: Nitecore LR50, USB Charging Cable, Replacement Sealing

    Specifications :

    • Dimensions: about 120mm x 57mm x 30mm
    • Weight without batteries: approx. 110 g
    • Bulbs: 9 white high performance CRI LEDs
    • Light output: max. 250 lumens
    • Batteries: 1 x 18650 Li-Ion Battery
    • or 2 x 18650 Li-Ion Battery
    • or 2x CR123 batteries
    • or 4x CR123 batteries
    • Illumination: max. 24 m
    • IP66 certified polycarbonate body
    • Fuel gauge
    • Mechanical reverse polarity protection
    • Deep Discharge Protection

Delivery includes: Nitecore LR50, USB charging cable, spare seal

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