Nitecore LED Flashlight MH10 V2 - 1200 lumens

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Nitecore LED Flashlight MH10 V2 - 1200 luLogomens


MH10V2 is another member of the Multitask Hybrid series from Nitecore, with the new 21700 battery generation.

This not only offers an increased capacity of 4000mAh in total, but also enables the increased light output of a total of 1200 lumens.

Typically multitask hybrid, there is an integrated charger in the lamp head. Here Nitecore decided to upgrade the connection to a USB-C connection . A silicone cap is used here to protect against water and dirt. The housing of the Nitecore MH10V2 is of course adapted to the 21700 battery generation.

However, the included battery magazine enables operation with the narrower 18650 batteries without any problems.

The MH10V2 is operated using a single button on the lamp button.

Thus, the lamp is always in the hand and can be adapted for the respective use. The four light levels and the three special modes can be preset using a classic memory function. The patented ATR technology from Nitecore automatically regulates the light levels to prevent the lamp head from overheating and to protect the wearer.

  • Performance and runtime (1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery)
    • High (1200 lumens) for about 3 hours 45 minutes
    • Mid (300 lumens) for about 8 hours
    • Low (55 lumens) for approx. 46 hours
    • Lower (1 lumen) for approx. 1500 hours
  • Strobe SOS Beacon scope of delivery:
    • Nitecore MH10V2
    • Li-Ion battery (21700 / 4000mAh)
    • NTH10 Tactical Holster
    • USB-C charging cable
    • clip, wrist strap
    • Replacement sealing ring
    • 18650 battery magazine
    • Features of integrated charger
    • ATR temperature control
    • LED charge level indicator in the switch
    • Overload protection
    • reverse polarity protection
    • candlestick
    • IP68 rating
    • HA III anodized finish
    • Aviation aluminum housing


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