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Clawgear Operator Combat Shirt

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Clawgear Operator Combat Shirt

Specially designed for use in combination with ballistic vests Combat Shirt

Clawgear Operator Combat Shirt


Operator Combat Shirt was designed as a tailor-made solution for a European special purpose unit.

Designed specifically for use in combination with ballistic vests, the Combat Shirt has a very body-hugging cut for comfort. The shoulder area has been seam-free, so when wearing backpacks, plate carriers and Chest Rigs no unpleasant pressure points can arise. The sleeves and sleeve pockets have been completely redesigned and have ergonomic design adapted to the contours of the body for greater comfort and mobility.

The flame retardant knit fabric has been further developed over the previous model and now has even better performance in terms of moisture management and sweat absorption, but at the same time the robustness has been further increased , The lightness, as well as the anti-microbial and flame retardant properties remain unaffected. The results obtained in the certification according to EN ISO 14116 with a afterflame time and afterglow time of 0 seconds each are the best possible values ​​that can even be achieved.

Unlike polyester and nylon, the fabric used does not melt under the influence of high temperatures or flames. Since the materials used are inherently flame retardant, the flame retardant effect persists permanently and can not wash out. Due to the wicking effect of the fabric, moisture can be efficiently transported outwards, and the fine surface also ensures well-being throughout the entire operation. This effectively counteracts a frequently underestimated core risk and at the same time ensures very good performance and high comfort.

  • Field-tested and field-proven in use
  • High rollable sleeve ends without zippers
  • Collar with integrated zipper
  • Can be fitted with a Breacher Hood (optional)
  • Spacious Upper Arm Bags
  • Robust Mil Spec fabrics with excellent comfort
  • Flame retardant fabric torso area complies with EN ISO 14116
  • Extra-long torso to prevent slipping out of pants
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Efficiently transports moisture to the outside
  • athletic cut
  • Internal Elbow Pads


    • Mil Spec NIR NYCO blended fabric (50% polyamide, 50% cotton) sleeves and collar
    • Torso made of inherently flame-retardant (FR) knit fabric (60% modacrylic, 35% viscose, 5% elastane)
    • 'YKK' zipper
    • Insert pocket for elbow pads made of 87% polyamide, 13% elastane