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Double Alpha Rail Belt Loop

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Double Alpha Rail Belt Loop

for various magazine holders for long and short weapons, as well as shotgun cartridge holders

Double Alpha Rail Belt Loop


  • allows quick change of magazine and shotgun holders on belt
  • Ideal for 3-gun shooters or shooters who want to shoot both long and short guns with a belt
  • Magazine or shotgun cartridge holders are simply pushed onto the rail and locked independently
  • To change, just unlock the latch and change the magazine pouch or shotgun holder

    The Belt Mount inserts have a toothed lock that locks the brackets to the desired angle.

    • prevents the holders from twisting on the belt


      • Rail System
      • Belt attachment for easy replacement of different magazine and shotgun holders
      • Works with almost all handgun, rifle and shotgun cartridges
      • Toothed lock on bracket for setting desired angle
      • no more twisting
      • Simple and secure locking
      • Flat attachment to belt
      • maximum contact of upper and lower belt
      • Competition belt up to 40 mm wide

        Includes: Belt attachment with 2 flat steel holders Insert for magazine pouch or shotgun holder jagged adapter, M5 mounting screw